The Body is a Teacher: Reimagining VR Storytelling with Robin Hunicke and LUNA


This post is part of an ongoing series
about writing, storytelling, and critique in VR, in partnership
with Galatea, a writing
and project management tool for immersive

When you first start talking with computer scientist and game
designer Robin
, the first thing you notice is how
effortlessly she can swirl together complex and
disparate thoughts that crystallize into thorough analyses
of human interaction. What begins as a reference to San
Francisco’s food truck culture will magically become an
overarching metaphor for how venture capitalists should
approach funding VR content.

What you might not know if you’re new to the world of
video games is that Hunicke is one of this decade’s
pioneers in game design and interactive narrative—with credits
including Sims 2 and Glitch on the way to
serving as Producer on the 2012
indie-darling-turned-breakout-PS3-hit Journey (which
Clements of IGN
heralds as the “most beautiful game I’ve
ever played”). Now she’s CEO of Funomena, which she co-founded
with Martin Middleton. Suddenly, her scaffolded thought
patterns and attention-to-detail make a whole lot of sense. Her
knowledge of human interaction isn’t just armchair enthusiasm;
she’s studying, processing, and internalized these ideas
24/7. The affable disposition is just the icing on
the cake.


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