Family + Detail Warehouse (F+DW)


From the ArchVision website:

June 5, 2017
By Randall

When we launched Detail Warehouse in late 2015 our goal was to
provide an extensive collection of native-built Revit details
perfect for starting or bolstering your own internal library.
The library boasts over 27,500 door, foundation, roof and
window details across 50 sub-categories. Also included in the
collection are nearly 1000 ready-to-use Revit Components which
have been very popular.

The popularity of the components prompted us to continue to add
additional Revit Families throughout 2016 including wood screws
and sleeve anchors, concrete anchors and a comprehensive
collection of AISC Steel Shapes improving over the OOTB (out of
the box) content that ships with Revit.

We’re expanding the overall mission of Detail
Warehouse to be the preeminent stock library of native-built
non-manufacturer-specific Revit families, components and
details. As such we’re changing the name to Family + Detail
Warehouse (F+DW). When we think of how many times the same
families are modeled over and over and over around the world it
becomes clear that a great stock library that’s growing and
improving would be a great service to the industry. With a
Family + Detail Warehouse subscription you get access to just
that, a collection of the most popular native-built families
and details,…

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