Kopin’s Prototype VR Headset is Incredibly Thin & Light, More Than 3x the Pixels of Rift and Vive – Road to VR


Kopin is touting a new prototype VR headset featuring their 4K
OLED ‘Lightning’ microdisplay that they say is made
specifically for VR. At nearly half the size of other headsets,
and made from lightweight materials, the device feels
featherlight compared to VR products on the market today.

is a publicly traded display manufacturer that was
founded in 1984. With the massive buzz generated by VR, the
firm has turned developed a roadmap for manufacturing displays
specifically for VR headsets. Microdisplays by their nature are
small and incredibly pixel dense, and also capable of high
refresh rates.

The first microdisplay that Kopin is positioning for VR is what
they’re calling ‘Lightning’, a 1-inch display with 2,048 x
2,048 per-eye resolution and running at a whopping 120Hz. With
the Rift and Vive using displays of 1,080 x 1,200 pixels,
Kopin’s Lightning display has just over 3.2 times as many
pixels, and runs substantially faster than the 90Hz refresh
rate of those headsets.

Photo by Road to VR

The tiny size of the microdisplay also brings another
advantage: the potential for a much shorter focal length.
Consumer VR headsets on the market are all roughly the same
bulk size, not because we can’t design smaller enclosures, but
because the physics of light requires that the displays be a
certain distance from the lenses in order to…

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