Super Lucky’s Tale ‘Designed In A VR-Friendly Way’


We sat down with the CEO of Playful this week, Paul Bettner,
and discussed a ton of fascinating subjects covering everything
from the birth of the first Oculus Rift exclusive title Lucky’s
Tale to the reason his company hasn’t adopted room-scale VR in
a product yet.

We’ll get to those answers as soon as we have time to
transcribe our recording a bit more during the busy E3 week,
but we wanted to single out one particular answer before then.

Right at the front entrance to the South Hall of the Los
Angeles Convention center — front and center in the Xbox booth
from Microsoft — Super Lucky’s Tale is one of the first games
greeting the many gamers swarming the event. It is a fully
developed sequel to Lucky’s Tale that is already building buzz.
They even have custom Xbox One controllers for the game in
Lucky’s orange and blue colors. The adorable main character can
be seen waving to people from the televisions, inviting them to
join him on his journey.

The family-friendly game fills a hole in Microsoft’s portfolio
for the Xbox, putting a cute platformer among the gritty
shooters and horror games that seem to be targeted toward
hardcore audiences.  This week though Microsoft has said
almost nothing about VR for the upcoming Xbox One S, and with
this sequel growing out of a groundbreaking VR effort from
Playful, I asked Bettner a couple…

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