The Talos Principle VR Revealed Once More


Last year Serious Sam developer Croteam committed to a VR
of its popular puzzle game, The Talos Principle.
This E3 it’s making good on that promise.

Croteam yesterday tweeted out that it was showing The Talos
Principle VR behind closed doors at this year’s event, complete
with the below GIF of one of its puzzles in action. The game is
being played with the HTC Vive controllers, suggesting Croteam
is working to fully implement them into the experience, and not
just using their buttons to replace those on the gamepads used
in the original version.

Release platforms outside the Vive haven’t been confirmed at
this time and a release date is TBA. When asked if the games’
in-development sequel could support VR the team simply said
“We’ll see what happens.”

We’re expecting a highly quality port of the game; Croteam is
already well-versed in VR having developed Serious Sam: The
Last Encounter exclusively for headsets and porting its older
Sam games to them too. Talos Principle’s mind-bending puzzles
are a good fit for VR, so we’ve got high hopes for this one.

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