DisplayLink XR Wireless VR Tech is Top Notch, Lighter Than it Looks – Road to VR


At E3 2017, DisplayLink is touting their ‘XR’ wireless solution
to eliminate the tether on VR headsets. Our hands-on with their
reference device revealed a robust solution with impressive
quality and unnoticeable latency.

DisplayLink is but one of a
handful of companies
now working to create the highly
sought after solution to make tethered VR headsets wireless.
Founded in 2003, the company has a relatively long history of
creating the tech behind cable-free computer products, like
wireless docks and video adapters.

For VR, the company is developing what it
calls DisplayLink XR, and it’s developed a wireless VR
reference device for the HTC Vive to show what it can do. In
accordance with their business model, DisplayLink won’t
ultimately bring this device to market themselves, they will
work with device manufacturers who want to productize it as an
adapter or build the tech directly into future VR headsets.

Photo by Road to VR

The DisplayLink XR solution comprises both hardware and
software. Software running on the computer rendering the VR
experience compresses the raw VR video feed using the company’s
proprietary compression tech, which is then transmitted to the
headset over a 60GHz WiGig link. The transmission is picked up
by the receiver on the user’s head, and DisplayLink’s custom
chip quickly decompresses the data in time to feed it…

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