Hands-On With Playful’s Mysterious New Game — Star Child


Three years ago I rushed through the doors of the Los Angeles
Convention Center when E3 opened and headed straight for the
Oculus booth to try the latest Rift development kit. I met
Paul Bettner, the CEO of Texas-based Playful Corp, and inside
the Rift DK2 headset I met Lucky.

Lucky was an adorable fox waving at me from inside his virtual
world. He was aware of my presence, and I worked like a
guardian angel over his shoulder helping him navigate the path
ahead. The colorful world ingeniously obscured the headset’s
low resolution, and the camera system Playful developed allowed
for smooth exploration of a place in which I never felt
uncomfortable. To put it simply, when Lucky’s Tale released
with the launch of the Oculus Rift last year it was a
groundbreaking game that showed what was possible with the
familiar platforming genre, known for characters like Mario and
Sonic, but built from the ground up for a new medium.

Star Child is Playful’s next step. I rushed through the doors
this week at E3 and headed straight for Sony’s booth to find

The game is directed by Kynan Pearson, who designed levels for
the Metroid Prime games, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Halo 4
and 5 and others. According to his LinkedIn, Pearson also
worked at Bluepoint Games for nearly three years — a company
that just announced a remake of Shadow of the…

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