‘The Walking Dead’ Enters VR With a Horde of Upcoming Experiences


The popular series heads to VR with multiple
experiences based on the zombie-infested universe.

First a stellar comic book series, then a breakout hit
television show, The Walking Dead has no shortage of
beautifully-crafted content to devour (pun very much intended).
Now the gritty zombie drama is looking to petrify fans on a
whole new level by bringing the massively-popular franchise to
virtual reality.

The VR series is being brought to
life by Skybound
, a multiplatform entertainment
company, in collaboration with Skydance
, the gaming and VR division of David
Ellison’s film and television production company, Skydance Media. The
Paramount-based studio has an impressive resume, having
previously been involved in the production of various big
budget hits such as Life, Star Trek Beyond
and World War Z. Now the heavy-hitting company is
bringing their talents to the world of VR with not one, but
multiple interactive experiences based within The Walking

The first game will introduce fans to a brand new story
to fans including a never-before seen setting in the
Walking Dead world filled with fresh new
characters to love and probably cry over. Apparently the
experience will also feature an innovative contextual
interaction system built to bring a level of engagement never
before seen in the…

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