WEBINAR: See How the Stair and Railing Tools are AWESOME and MORE


Are you doing stairs the way we do stairs? Stairs need
railings, and ARCHICAD 21 coordinates railings with complex
stairs via one click. Our “Predictive Design” technology fuels
this amazing advancement of our popular BIM tool too.

Want to learn more? There’s a webinar for that!
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Whether you’re already using ARCHICAD, just kicking the tires,
or simply want to see the most innovative developments in BIM
technology today, then this webinar is a must-see event! We’re
going to show you some of ARCHICAD 21’s most incredible new
features, including:

The Stair Tool:

ARCHICAD 21 evaluates thousands of options and offers the most
optimal stair design choices within the context of the specific
building you’re working on. Featuring GRAPHISOFT’s
patent‑pending Predictive Design™ technology, the Stair Tool
turns what is usually a painful task into something truly
fun—so fun, we even remodeled some stair classics such as the
Great Wall of
Bauhaus Stairs of Budapest
and Robson Square Vancouver to prove it!

The Railing Tool:

now you can create complex, associative railings for Stairs,
Slabs, Walls, Roofs, or Meshes. The configurable Railing
Pattern Editor offers unique railing patterns specific to each
design project. Railings can be created with a single click
based on predefined rules…

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