Xbox One X Will Support VR, Microsoft Assures


It’s been a strange week for Xbox and VR. The latest addition
to Microsoft’s console brand, Xbox One X, was finally revealed
in full, but the promised VR support was not detailed. Since
then Xbox boss Phil Spencer has downplayed the importance of VR
on a console, saying he isn’t often asked
about it
. Rest assured, though, the X will support VR at
some point.

Spencer confirmed as much to CNET earlier this
week at E3. There’s no direct quote, but he apparently
confirmed the box fully supports VR and the company’s
commitment to the tech hadn’t changed. Previously, Microsoft
stated that it would bring mixed reality — it’s term to cover
all things from VR to HoloLens — to the device in 2018. Xbox
One X, meanwhile, will launch in November for $499. Expect to
hear more on the console’s VR support next year.

Right now Microsoft is instead focused on bringing VR to PCs
with its own line of Windows 10 VR headsets, made in
partnership with the likes of Dell. These devices support
inside-out tracking, with no external sensors necessary, and
will have their own six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers.
The first set from Acer will be launching for

It remains to be seen if it’s these devices that will support
the X, though Microsoft has hinted that it wants VR on consoles
to be wireless. Is it possible the company will have a fully

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