Forge and AWS: tell us what you need! Interface


For most of the week – while at the Forge Accelerator in Barcelona – I sat next
to an acquaintance (I’m happy to now call a friend) from
Amazon Web
: Tom “Elvis” Jones. Tom is a solution architect at
AWS and has been to a number of Forge-related events over the
last year or so.

Autodesk has tightened its relationship with
AWS in recent years
, one of the reasons for Tom’s presence
at Forge events. From talking to Tom, it’s clear he’s
interested in helping Forge developers get started more quickly
with the AWS platform, something that’s going to be
increasingly important as the two platforms become more tightly

If you’re not sure of the difference between Forge and AWS, you
can think about AWS as a “Cloud OS”, while Forge offers
complementary services (which are very often implemented using
AWS, themselves) that are intended to be used by developers
building tools that need to interface with design and
engineering data. You don’t have to use AWS with Forge – the
nature of web technology means you can really choose the “OS”
that suits you best – but the fact that Forge is so closely
associated with AWS makes it a common choice for many.

AWS & Forge - better together

Tom and I brainstormed a little about resources that might
benefit Forge developers – and I know Tom asked members of the
Forge team, as well as external developers at the Barcelona
event – but it occurred to me that readers of this blog might
have something to say.

So, what would help you get started using AWS in conjunction
with Forge? Have you already tried but weren’t able to find
what you need?

Here are some ideas to get the discussion going:

  • An AWS “quick start” guide targeted specifically at Forge
  • A Visual Studio integration to help developers publish
    directly to AWS
  • A set of Forge-centric samples that developers can build
    and run easily in AWS

(A hint: at least one of the above exists already… some of this
is going to be about building awareness of existing resources,
not just about creating new ones. 🙂

Please post a comment – or send me an
– if you have input for either Autodesk or Amazon
regarding the resources that would help you start working with
Forge and/or AWS. I’ll…

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