Rift 1.16 Update Adds New Look For Oculus Home, Mixed Reality Capture


Oculus has got into a pretty steady pattern of releasing new
software updates for its Rift VR headset each and every month,
and June’s edition is rolling out now.

Rift 1.16 adds a handful of
appreciated features
to the platform, though there’s little
in the way of truly significant news. Highlighting the update
is added support for mixed reality capture. We’ve seen this
plenty over the past year; developers using green screen to
record players in real-time appearing in the virtual
environment they’re standing in.

Developers will need to update their apps to support this new
feature, and have to use an extra Touch controller as a
trackable object to record footage, but it’s a good first step.
Hopefully we’ll be seeing more mixed reality trailers for games
like Lone Echo and more soon.

Elsewhere, 1.16 updates your updates; you’ll know get more
information when your apps download new patches, including
changelogs. If you encounter issues with software, you can
report this in-app too.

One change you should immediately notice is a new look for
Oculus Home. Upon booting up your Rift with 1.16 installed
you’ll find yourself in a city environment, which can be
switched back to the old living room area too. More
environments will be coming to the platform in the near future.

Friends, meanwhile, can now optionally display whether…

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