Slowly Going The Way of the Dinosaur in Augmented Reality – UploadVR


What Palm and Research in Motion are to smartphones, ODG and
Vuzix may become to smartglasses — a cautionary tale of early
innovation that failed to keep up with industry momentum.

In nascent markets where competition is under-developed, it’s
easy to mistake modest sales growth for good strategy.
Executives’ preference for encouraging short-term metrics
obscures the evidence that long-term forces are moving against

For a prime example of an imminent disruption long in the
making, let’s take a look at the current state of augmented
reality glasses.

The main contenders were present last week at AR in Action in New York
City. On display were the latest demos built for Microsoft’s
HoloLens, ODG’s R8, some rare sightings of the Meta 2, and
occasionally an errant appearance by Vive or Daydream. Even
Magic Leap showed up to say much and show little.

Amidst this futurist playground, one contrarian notion was
evident to shrewd observers — today’s AR is already very good.
When discussing AR, most commentators opt to lower expectations
by emphasizing the “early” nature of this technology. But there
are a wide variety of compelling AR applications available
today, and this “early” tech has found its way into
factory floors
real estate agencies
marketing campaigns
, and many other…

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