The Five Biggest VR Stories Of E3 2017


I call today fed up Friday. Why? Because E3 is done for another
year, and we’re as far as we’ll be from another week of huge
announcements and hands-on with the latest games. This year’s
show might not have been the biggest for VR, but there were
still a handful of huge announcements that you don’t want to

So here’s the five biggest VR stories of E3. Did we miss
anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Project Scorpio Is Xbox One X And It Supports VR

Going into the show, we knew that Microsoft would be revealing
its upgraded Xbox One console, now confirmed to be the Xbox One X.
Sadly, we also knew the company wouldn’t be discussing VR plans
at the show and, sure enough, the company’s Sunday press
conference came and went without a mention of the tech.

Still, Microsoft did later
that the box will definitely support VR, and it’s
looking likely that we’ll hear more in 2018. For now, know that
Xbox One X costs $499, releases November 7th, and will run
plenty of games both old and new in 4K resolution. It’s even
got a sequel to Oculus Rift
launch title, Lucky’s Tale
, but no word on VR support for
that yet.

Bethesda Bets Big On VR

We had high hopes for Bethesda’s E3 press conference last
Sunday and the company didn’t disappoint. The
publisher/developer bet big…

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