The Gallery Episode 2 Gets September Release Window


The Gallery – Episode
1: Call of the Starseed
was one of the best launch titles
on the HTC Vive last year, and since its launch we’ve eagerly
been awaiting the next installment. Thankfully, the wait is
almost over.

Developer Cloudhead Games yesterday confirmed that The Gallery
– Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone will release this
September. We’ve already started to see glimpses of the
over the past few months. It might have taken a year
and a half, but Cloudhead promises that this will be “a much
larger experience” than the first episode, both in terms of
overall playtime and scope of the game. In fact, it’s larger
than the developer itself had originally anticipated.

That’s exciting news given that we were especially fond of the
first episode, and it left us with plenty of questions. “With
The Gallery, Cloudhead uses simple, old-fashioned, awe-inducing
beauty and immersion that hooks you instead of any cheap tricks
or gimmicks and I’m absolutely dying to dive back in,” Games
Editor David Jagneaux said in his review.

If you’re yet to play the game then good news; Cloudhead is
teasing a heavy reduction in the upcoming Steam Summer sale.
You could see an 87% discount on the $19.99 price, which I
won’t attempt to work out but it sounds like pennies. The
developer is also preparing to give away codes of its latest
game. All…

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