A Week With Vive’s Deluxe Audio Strap – UploadVR


While the rest of the UploadVR team jetted off to E3 earlier
this week, I remained behind at base camp to keep things in
order. That meant frantic news writing and press conferences
that start at the ripe old hour of 5am (thanks, Bethesda). It
also meant I got to spend a fair bit of time inside my HTC
Vive, accompanied by its new friend – the Deluxe Audio Strap.

If you’re a PC VR enthusiast chances are you’ve already heard
of this nifty new accessory for the SteamVR headset. In fact,
you might already own one; they went on sale last week but
quickly went out of stock. HTC supplied us with a sample,
though, and instead of rushing to get a review out I thought it
would be best to spend the week getting used to the kit and
making it a true member of the VR family.

As someone that’s never been especially bothered by Vive’s lack
of integrated headphones — or all that taken with the Rift’s
built-in solution — I have to say I’ve been surprisingly
impressed with how much the audio strap adds to your VR

Before we start, it’s worth noting that I have a lot of hair
and I’m not an especially sweaty person, so I haven’t seen the
strap deteriorate as many others have after multiple hours of
use. If you tend to take your headset off and find yourself
drenched in your sweat you might want to steer clear of the

With that…

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