An exclusive autocad course on 2D and 3D Elevations

Take part in an exclusive AutoCAD course that involves
2D and 3D Elevations. This course will help you to enhance
your designing skills for generating professional 2D and 3D

This course will provide brief guidelines on how to
apply AutoCAD to organize perfect plans, as well as rectify
layouts, fine-tune viewports, insert 2D elevations, and
develop 3D elevations.

Join Shaun Bryant will perform as course instructor and
he will train you how to customize layers, hatches,
backgrounds, annotations, modelspaces, and more.

The course of will sift through the following topics

Designing elevations
• Organize plans and construction lines
• Isolating elevations
• Arrangement of elevation layers
• Dealing with hatches
• Using background colors
• Inserting annotations
• Organize dimension layers and styles
• Placing an elevation in a viewport
• Freezing viewport layers
• Setting up modelspace viewports
• Setting the viewport scale
• Publishing multiple elevation layouts


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Rajib Dey


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