PointSense for Revit – From Laser Scans to BIM Models


From the FARO website:

PointSense for Revit® 

Fast and precise BIM modelling from point clouds inside Revit®

From Laser Scans to Revit® Models

You work with Autodesk Revit® and use a 3D laser scanner for
fast data acquisition? In Revit® you miss the functionality of
being able to process 3D laser scan data? You are looking for a
quick and simple workflow that doesn‘t require any training?

The solution is PointSense for Revit® !

  • Tools for automatically fitting and aligning walls
  • Create directly in the point cloud using 3D construction
    aids and real 3D point snap
  • Fit Revit® work planes in the point cloud
  • Calculate from ortho images directly in the Revit® project
  • Process scan data in the Revit® families editor
  • Simple and intuitive navigation in the photo like scan view

PointSense for Revit is the perfect
complement for working with point clouds in Autodesk

Use special commands for modelling and detailing BIM
Ground surfaces, walls, doors, windows, stairs, columns, beams,
pillars, roofs and many more.

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware
independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for

long range
short range
measurement, we are also able to offer complete

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