What VR Startups Can Learn From Industry Giants Like Pixar, Lucasfilm and ILM


As virtual reality gradually takes on the filmmaking world,
up-and-coming content creation studios in the VR space have a
new era of filmmaking ahead of them; but are they ready to ride
the tide?

The explosion of VR is driving VFX bigwigs to venture head-on
into the exciting realm of virtual reality films, and with
experience, resources and infrastructure backing them,
established studios are making giant leaps into perfecting VR

Where does this place the VR startup that is still learning the
ropes of putting in place cost- and time-efficient workflows
that deliver? Must a startup learn by trial and error or to
tweak existing solutions to their advantage?

Why Reinvent the Wheel When You Can Learn from Grandpa!

Upstarts in the VR space can learn to solve much of their
problems from the VFX industry, simply because VFX has been
through the grind and teething pains that VR is going through
now. Most of the challenges encountered by VR startups have
been solved in the VFX space, and some of those issues have
taken years to iron out.

Decades of experience producing groundbreaking VFX content has
equipped VFX artists to look at VR workflow problems in a new
light. So don’t burn your resources perfecting processes that
have already been fine-tuned through the 90s! Stop working in a
silo—start looking at VR as an extension of VFX…

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