Best PSVR Games Of E3 2017


Now that E3 2017 has officially come and gone it’s time to take
a moment and look back to reflect. While this was definitely a
good show for gamers of all types, it’s hard to argue that it
was actually overall better than last year’s show. Last year at
E3 we were just a few months removed from the launch hype of
the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and the anticipation surrounding
Sony’s PlayStation VR and the Oculus Touch controllers were
both at all-time highs. Big title announcements like Farpoint,
Resident Evil 7, and Batman Arkham VR paved the way for one of
the most exciting weeks in VR’s short life thus far. E3 2017
was good, but it wasn’t quite E3 2016 good.

That being said there were still some solid announcements made
and the games we already knew about coming into the week are
starting to look even better. We’ve put together a list of the
five best PSVR games we saw and played at the show this year.
This list only includes games that were
playable on the PSVR platform and does not include
games that are coming to PSVR but were demoed on other devices.

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