Best VR Hardware Of E3 2017


Now that it’s all said and done it’s easy to see that E3 2017
just wasn’t a huge showing for VR hardware. Microsoft didn’t
even mention VR at all during the reveal of the Xbox One X even
executives have suggested
the system will still support it.

That said, we did try out some really cool stuff located around
the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Runner Up: CaptoGlove

The CaptoGlove
was quickly funded
when it started its funding campaign on
Kickstarter and it is easy to see why.

The wearable allows users to interact with hand gestures, it is
low profile, it is comfortable, and it is incredibly functional
with many customization options across VR and non-VR
experiences. You can use one or two gloves to control movement,
actions (including shooting), and driving with inputs measured
across the entirety of your hands and we got a chance to try it
while piloting a military helicopter.

The simulation took place in DCS World, a grueling simulation
experience, so the chopper flew realistically and responded to
even the most subtle movements. Once I got my bearings with the
glove, which I was wearing while mimicking the action of
holding a helicopter’s control stick, I flew closer to the
ground and between buildings. The accuracy and response time
allowed me to maneuver deftly, an impressive feat in DCS World

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