Google Offers Insights Into 360-Degree Videos On YouTube


Any 360-degree video on YouTube with more than 1,000 views will
now have heatmaps for creators showing the most popular
portions of the scene.

A similar feature has
been a part
of other 360-degree video hosting platforms in
the past, but its inclusion on YouTube should offer a very
helpful new tool to creators and distributors making panoramic

In addition, Google-owned YouTube released a few insights into
the behavior of people watching these videos. In
a blog post
, the company revealed viewers spend “75% of
their time within the front 90 degrees of a video.” It is also
noted, however, that “while a lot of time is spent focusing on
what’s in front, for many of the most popular VR videos, people
viewed more of the full 360-degree space with almost 20% of
views actually being behind them.”

This information shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to
seasoned 360-degree video creators, but hearing it come from
Google definitely adds more weight to the advice.

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