Hands-On With Ambitious Sci-Fi Shooter Seeking Dawn


Unity’s Vision Summit keynote was home to a lot of news, but a
certain game definitely stood out. Multiverse’s Seeking Dawn

made an appearance
and rocked the stage with a trailer that
showed off a shooter with RPG elements and visuals that popped.
Here at E3 2017 we got a chance to play some two-player co-op
through a mission and based on that impression, this visually
stunning title could use some work.

From the get-go,
Seeking Dawn is a visual feast
. You stand at a computer
terminal with menu options, grass swaying around you, and huge
beautiful towers in the distance. When we switched to the
mission, we were tasked with moving to a few points to get
details and head out to the conflict zone. There were so many
things going on around us like walking mechs and the many
soldiers going about their business. Eventually, we got on a
drop ship to head out and that’s when the issues started to
rear their ugly heads.

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