How to 3D Print Anything



A full guide of how to 3D print any objects using Autodesk
ReMake. I will also cover my Simplify3D settings. Don’t have
a 3D printer, sign up for my giveaway here:

The procedure is quite simple actually. Find an object you
wish to duplicate, it could even be something very useful,
like a bike pedal in case your’s broke. You see where I’m
going with this? Anything you wish to repair or make an exact
copy of, is possible with this method.

Autodesk ReMake:
STL file of Cupid:

You need a camera and about 10 minutes of your time. Walk
around the object and take a photo every 10 degrees while
doing a full loop around the object. Do this at three
different angles and you will end up with many images that
Autodesk ReMake will be able to process into a 3D model of
the existing object. This procedure is called photogrammetry.

When the 3D model inside ReMake has been cleaned up you are
able to export it as a STL file for your slicing software
(Simplify3D) to recognize. I used 3 perimeters with a 0.5mm
nozzle, at 60mm/s the angel was estimated to have a printing
time of only 6,5h.

I used my GoPro Hero 5 Black for the timelapse shot and it
always ends up to be very satisfying to watch. I used pink
PLA at 205 degrees celcius, and the overall quality was
fairly impressive, even when using 0.3mm layer height.

I then used some cheap white paint with multiple layers, and
the result was quite impressive! My mom is now using the
cloned statue, not able to see much difference between the
original and the copied one.

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