Varjo Promises Human-Eye Resolutions For VR This Year


I am standing in a virtual living room rendered via Unity.
Except I am seeing things I never have before in VR. There is a
virtual television on the wall to my left displaying a 4K video
of a city. The floor, the couch pillows, the clothes hanging on
a rack to my left, are shown in such extreme detail that I am
actually seeing a life-like world. It’s a glimpse of VR’s

“We believe that by chasing for the human-eye resolution as
fast as possible, it jump starts everyone so they can work
toward the end game of VR and AR,” said Urho Konttori, founder
and CEO of Varjo.

Varjo is a startup of 19 employees that is only 10 months old
based in Helsinki, Finland. The talent comes from the likes of
Microsoft and Nokia. This work they have done comes from their
original $2M funding, with a second round of funding being
pursued currently.

My experience in that Unity-based living room and other demos,
using what Varjo is calling the “20/20” prototype, shows that
they are working in the right direction.

They retrofitted an Oculus Rift with an extra layer of lenses
inside the unit. An OLED microdisplay projects an image onto a
glass plate over the Oculus lenses. That center piece is said
to have 70 times the resolution of the Rift’s image.

Below is a comparison.

“The comparison is apples to apples, taken through…

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