What it’s like to View XR Through Varjo, the World’s First Human-Eye Resolution Headset


Last Monday, I walked three blocks uphill on
Mason St in San Francisco to the Fairmont Hotel to demo a
stealth product that had been touted to me as one of the
biggest advancements in XR tech this side of Magic Leap.

As it turns out, the trek was worth the
hike—Varjo’s Human-Eye Resolution technology made me realize
something I’d only known in a general sense prior: current
visual fidelity in VR/AR has a long way to go. Varjo’s
soon-to-launch headset catapults us a decade into the
future in terms of what we’re actually able to see in immersive

So what is Varjo? It’s a
Helsinki-based company (“varjo” is “shadow” in Finnish)
that’s been in stealth until now, working to develop a 70
megapixel solution for XR (by comparison, Oculus Rift and HTC
Vive run about 1.2 MP). The team sports a
pedigree including Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia, and Nokia,
and for the past eight months, they’ve been working to develop
a project codenamed, “20|20,” a prototype demo based on
proprietary technology that will live in all Varjo-branded

What’s it like to see in 20/20 in VR? It’s pretty astounding.
The rug looks fluffy and inviting. Metal glints in light.
You can follow individual grains in wood.

Comparison shot of Varjo Bionic display and Oculus Rift

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