Autodesk Is Changing With The Times Lab


The world is a changing place.

As an example, let’s look at what’s going on with the
automotive industry today:


  • Platform — There is a shift from
    the internal combustion engine to electric. Companies like
    Tesla are displacing long-established companies like Ford
    and General Motors. Electric engines are better for the
    environment and can be powered by renewables such as solar
    and wind.

  • Ownership — There is a shift
    from ownership to shared. Companies like Uber are playing a
    role in accelerating this transformation. Users recognize
    that cars are parked for much of the time that they are
    exclusively owned.

  • Cyberism — There is a shift from
    human-driven to self-driving. Companies like Google are
    paving the way. They are leveraging the mapping data that
    they already had from Google Maps and applying it in a
    useful way.

Now let’s look at what’s going on in the software industry


  • Platform — There is a shift from
    desktop to the cloud. The cloud allows for near-infinite
    computing power to be applied rather than being limited to
    the CPUs/GPUs of a single device. The connectivity of the
    cloud is an appropriate technology to leverage for

  • Ownership — There is a shift
    from perpetual to subscription. Services like Netflix,
    Spotify, and mobile phone service, demonstrate how users
    can pay as they go instead of all of the costs being up
    front. This model can be applied to software.

  • Cyberism — There is a shift from
    human-driven solutions to computer-driven solutions. The
    computer can play a greater role in any process
    instead of being limited as it has in the past.

At Autodesk, we are responding in kind.

  • Autodesk continues to offer desktop solutions, packed in
    Industry Collections, but
    augments that with cloud-based services, typically in the areas
    of analysis, simulation, and collaboration. This approach
    allows more computing horsepower to be applied to the
    creation of places, things, and…

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